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There's Something About Her: A Manhattan Love Story (E-Book)

There's Something About Her: A Manhattan Love Story (E-Book)


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The LOVE in the USA series travels from Martha's Vineyard to Manhattan in this steamy contemporary romance read.

Maggie Conroy is your average city girl. She has good girlfriends, oodles of commitment-phobic losers to choose from and a crappy job that comes complete with a boss from hell. However, Maggie’s fortune changes when her billionaire cousin,  Jack Lord, pulls some strings and lands her the job of her dreams. There's only one major problem.

So what happens when the boy you hated in high school becomes your new boss? Maggie Conroy is about to find out.



LOVE in the USA - The Lords

1 - Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha's Vineyard Love Story
(Can be read as a Standalone)

2 - There's Something About Her: A Manhattan Love Story
(Can be read as a Standalone)

3 - Say You Love Her: An LA Love Story
(Can be read as a Standalone)

4 - Know Her, Love Her (Jack & Daisy, #1)
(A continuation of their story)

5 - Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince #1)
(A continuation of their story)

6 - He's So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story
(Robert Tango's story)

7 - Made to Love Her (Maggie & Vince, #2)
(The conclusion of their story)

8 - He's So Good (Robert & Carter)
(The conclusion of their story)

9 - Say You Love Me (Charlie & Angel)
(The conclusion of their story)

10 - Adore Her, More of Her (Jack & Daisy, #2)
(The series conclusion)


The story unfolds on the enchanting Martha's Vineyard, where a heartbroken travel writer escapes the turmoil of her life, only to find herself in the embrace of a mysterious, sensual, and charismatic billionaire harboring his own secrets.

As their destined romance blossoms, it ignites a chain of passionate relationships. Amidst the ebbs and flows of fate and fervent attraction, these couples navigate their path towards an enduring and unshakable love.

In the "LOVE in the USA" series, Z.L. Arkadie masterfully and captivatingly guides readers on an unforgettable journey of love and discovery.


Chapter One

Dear Patty Welch,

Thank you for–everything. I appreciate learning what I have under your tutelage.

I hereby resign effective immediately.


Magnolia Conroy 

What I really want to say is, “Thank you for teaching me that bona fide mean, nasty, and insecure bitches exist in the world. If I ever had any doubts, well, you cured them.” 

I’ve read this letter a million times. I wrote it six months ago. One day, I’m going to hand it to Patty, walk out, and let my finances—and thereby my life—fall to pieces.

“What’s going on, little Magnolia Bud?” my cousin Charlie says as he flops down beside me and lifts his foot onto his knee. 

I turn up my nose because he smells like the inside of a keg and looks like an unshaven, red-eyed hobo in a sloppy suit. “Charlie,” I mutter. I wish he would’ve chosen to sit elsewhere. 

I hate being called Magnolia, which he’s aware of. I prefer the flower exploding through this humongous space. My other cousin, Charlie’s brother, is getting married. Belmont’s bride is named Daisy, hence the daisies. 

“Why the hell did I show up for this?” Charlie grumbles as he rolls his eyes around the room, viewing it. “Goddamn daisies everywhere.” It’s no secret he’s in love with his brother’s soon-to-be wife. But in truth, the yellow flowers aren’t a bad touch at all. 

Belmont and Daisy wanted to take their vows against the Manhattan sunset—at 8:20 p.m. approximately—which is twenty minutes away. We’re fifty-three stories high, and this room takes up the entire floor. The walls are glass, and I feel as if we’re sitting in a garden on a perfect early evening. 

Inside the huge room, near the east windows, is a makeshift duck pond that flows into a waterfall to the south and a field of daisies to the north. Twinkling white and yellow lights are tastefully placed throughout the room, and the frames of our chairs are made of quartz. The seat and back cushions are golden silk and patterned with little daisies.

And the guest list is bloated. There are at least three hundred people, and every single person looks as if he or she’s stepped out of GQ or Elle, all except me. I’m just a pale-as-a-ghost, limp-haired, overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated marketing assistant who works for the devil incarnate. 

Belmont, who we call Jack, rented a cruise ship for the reception, and he’s given all the guests rooms to sleep off the monumental celebration he’s got planned. But I’ll have to skip it because my boss wouldn’t give me two days off. She wants me in the office tomorrow at six a.m. sharp to prepare for the Black Marble presentation. 

The reception ship will sail tonight from the North River Pier in Manhattan and dock by seven p.m. tomorrow evening in Vineyard Haven. Jack has arranged to fly everyone back home from Martha’s Vineyard. There will be lots of dancing and music performed by popular bands, but Jack wouldn’t tell me who they were because it’s a surprise to Daisy. He’s gone gaga over this woman, but I’m not surprised. He’s not the douchebag that Charlie is. 

“You look like shit, Magnolia,” Charlie comments, blowing his horrible breath in my face.

“Grow up, Chuck,” I snap.

“No disrespect, Mags. I’m only making an observation.”

“Whatever.” He’s such a douche. 

“This is a shotgun wedding. You know she’s pregnant. What a way to trap him,” a very tall woman with a lot of bronze hair says in a dull, cynical tone. She’s talking to the freakishly thin girl who came in with her, but everyone in a five-foot radius can hear her. “How long have they known each other? Five minutes?” 

That’s when I realize I’m sitting with the bitter wedding-day gang. I scoot to the edge of my seat to see if any chairs are available. There are a few empty ones in the back, but I don’t want to sit that far away.

Charlie, still slouching, leans forward to wave to the bitter woman next to me. “Mandy Hill.” 

She grunts and rolls her eyes. “Great. It’s Charlie. You should’ve told your future sister-in-law to pull back on the daisies. Can you say Bridezilla?”

Now I recognize her. She’s Mandy Hill, the actress. I’m waiting for Charlie to correct her. He knows the explosion of daisies was Jack’s doing.

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