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The Lord Brothers of Manhattan + Romancing The Boss and Billionaire Exclusive E-Book Bundle

The Lord Brothers of Manhattan + Romancing The Boss and Billionaire Exclusive E-Book Bundle

The Complete Series

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The Lords and Groves despise each other - everybody knows that. So when did they start loving each other? The transformation begins here.

Hercules Lord has always been attracted to Paisley Grove. And Paisley's had a crush on Hercules from the moment she laid eyes on him.

But in a world where a love affair between them has always been a forbidden dream, these two people stand on the brink of the unthinkable. Against their families' behest, tonight they will tumble over the edge and venture into the forbidden.

The question isn't whether they'll cross the line; it’s what world they'll discover on the other side.

Their choices will cause a domino effect, captured in all five books of The Lord Brothers of Manhattan series.

Also, take a look at the 'Synopsis' below to learn the thrilling details of each book!

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The Lords and Groves despise each other - everybody knows that. So when did they start loving each other?

The transformation begins here.


In Crossing the Line, destiny brings these two forbidden lovers together again on one serendipitous night.

In A Fake Love Deal, the Lords and Groves strike up a deal that brings together a grumpy billionaire and a free-spirited and broke heiress. The opposites will never turn their fake relationship into the real deal, right? Wrong.

In Boss On Notice, Orion Lord never knew his long-suffering assistant despised him so fervently until he accidentally came across her two-week notice. And now he'll move the heavens and earth to convince her to stay.


In Once Upon A One-Night Stand, Xena St. James was never supposed to see her commitment-phobic one-night stand ever again, so how does he become so much more so fast?

In Once Upon An Unrequited Love, Lake Clark vows never to love the one man who only has eyes for her. But then they are thrust into each other's lives. Now, this tin man is proving his heart is made just for her. 


The Lord Brothers of Manhattan

1 - Crossing The Line

2 - A Fake Love Deal

3 - Boss On Notice

Romancing The Boss and Billionaire

1 - Once Upon A One-Night Stand

2 - Once Upon An Unrequited Love




Dear Hercules Lord,

All roads lead back to you.

Forever yours,


"It's you." The words barely slip past my lips in a delicate whisper. I'm caught, trapped by his piercing gaze, and I can hardly believe I'm standing before Hercules Lord. His eyes, as intense and charming as ever, still possess the ability to see right into my soul. They're incredibly seductive, just as I remember.

How many years have slipped away since our last encounter? Seven, eight, or something in between? Memories rush back to me, a tidal wave of recollections from the last time we found ourselves in a situation like this. It was Boston. We had unexpectedly crossed paths at a New Year's Eve party, ultimately ending up at his place.

And here we are, once again, fate intertwining our paths.

"PG," Hercules utters, each syllable tasting of familiarity.

My face flushes warm, and my voice barely manages a quiet, "Hi." Quickly, I clear my throat, determined to keep my composure the next time I speak.

"What a..." His voice trails off, the words hanging in the air like lingering perfume. "Pleasant surprise."

"So, the two of you know each other?" my newfound friend, Lake Clark, inquires. It's easy to forget that Hercules and I aren't alone now.

It's a struggle to pull my attention away from his face, a masterpiece of rugged handsomeness. His dimpled chin and sharp jawline are adorned with neatly trimmed, silken stubble. His eyes, as captivating as a star-studded sky, lure me in, and his lips are as inviting as forbidden fruit. From our high school days through college and until now, he's aged like the finest wine. Hercules Lord is, without a doubt, a stunningly attractive man.

I finally shift my focus to Lake, who looks absolutely radiant tonight. She's clad in a silky white halter dress, the material elegantly showcasing her smooth shoulders, which appear as tender as fresh cotton under the warm glow of the stylish venue's lights. Her dark, wavy hair, cut to the chin, beautifully frames her graceful swan-like neck.

I'd only just arrived at Lake and "Kirkie's" engagement party when I noticed her. She was absorbed in conversation with a man whose imposing figure was reminiscent of an ancient marble statue. From afar, I admired his form, choosing to wait until their discussion ended before I approached. Yet, an unexplainable pull drew me towards them. An irresistible compulsion had me bridging the distance between us sooner than I'd planned. That's when I saw his face.

A sudden realization strikes me, and I clutch my rapidly beating heart. "Wait. Is Hercules 'Kirkie'?" I ask Lake. Kirkie is the pet name she's given her fiancé.

My fingers are crossed, my heart is crossed, everything within me is crossed, hoping that Hercules is not her fiancé.

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The entire city has disintegrated into black matter, and nobody exists except Hercules and me. I swallow nervously as he moistens his lower lip. Sexy… “Yeah?” I whisper.

Hercules reaches down and takes my hand in his. The walk light flashes green. But we stay put as he carefully draws me against his rock-hard body. I put up no resistance, sinking into his embrace.

“I’ve wanted to do something since I first saw you tonight.”

I think I say, “What?” I’m sure I say it. I think.

Our deepened eye contact is akin to foreplay. My lips ache for what’s to come. And then, slowly but surely, our mouths come closer and closer...


  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Forbidden Love
  • Marriage of Convenience
  • Billionaire Boss Romance
  • Roommates to Lovers
  • Fated Mates/Soul Mates
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