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The Blackstone Brothers Saga Ultimate E-Book Bundle

The Blackstone Brothers Saga Ultimate E-Book Bundle

The Complete Series

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Get 50% Off 10 E-Books in One Unputdownable Steamy and Dark Billionaire Brothers Romance Bundle!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Great Bundle. I read it too fast! It was easy to access and buy off website." Z.L. Arkadie Shop, Reviewer

Once upon a time, there lived three Blackstone brothers.

The brothers were known for being handsome, rich, and mysterious. No one knew this but for many years they lived in misery, quashed under the thumb of a tyrannical father.

Then, one day, they were freed.

Family secrets buried in the dark spilled into the light. One by one, the billionaire brothers recovered their souls and found purpose and the love of their lives.

These are their stories.

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Intrigued, Book #1

Dive into a world where an investigative journalist's relentless pursuit of truth in a billionaire's mansion triggers an insatiable desire and exposes dangerous secrets. Can love save the day or will it shatter everything they've come to know?

Desire, Book 2

Continue the thrilling journey as the veil of deception lifts further. New allies, old foes, and shocking betrayals come to light, all while passion between Holly and Jasper reaches a fever pitch. Will their love withstand the test, or will the weight of the secrets pull them under?

Claimed, Book #3

Every secret comes to light in the explosive finale. As the Blackstones' secrets finally unravel, will Holly and Jasper's love survive the ultimate test, or will these dark secrets claim their future?


Tempting, Book #1

Stranded in an unfamiliar ranch with no one but a daunting list of duties for company, an innocent assistant's life takes a thrilling turn when her elusive, devastatingly handsome billionaire boss, Spencer Blackstone, finally appears. Sparks fly, but will his dark secrets cool their flames?

Impulse, Book #2 

The tale of seduction and mystery continues as the secrets of the reclusive Spencer Blackstone begin to unravel. His undeniable allure grows stronger, but will the revelation of dark truths about the secluded ranch extinguish the passion, or fan the flames?

Bliss, Book #3

In this heart-pounding finale, every secret is laid bare. As dark truths about the seductive billionaire are revealed, will the love between an innocent assistant and her enigmatic boss withstand the test, or will the revelations be too much to bear?

Exposed, Bonus Book:

Spencer Blackstone will do anything for his wife and vice versa. With life-altering changes on the horizon, Jada and Spencer try to merge two legendary and dark families into one happy family. Will they succeed?


Seduction, Book #1

He’s a top surgeon and a billionaire. But he’s been careful to make sure nobody knows his true identity. That’s why his intense attraction for her has turned into a complication he hadn’t seen coming.

Embrace, Book #2:

Pen learns a secret that threatens to extinguish her steamy romance with her boss--once neurosurgeon Jake Sparrow, now billionaire Asher Nathaniel Christmas. But Asher refuses to embrace a future without Pen in it; after all, she's the reason he reclaimed his name in the first place. Yet trouble lurking around every corner threatens to separate them.


On one stormy afternoon, a chance meeting in an airport bar sparks a second-chance romance that promises to redefine Bryn Blackstone's destiny.

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Intrigued (Book 1)
Chapter One

December 21st

"I can't believe my luck!” That's what I keep telling myself ever since I accepted Bronwyn Henrietta Blackstone's invitation. She offered me a two-in-one deal—to spend the week before Christmas with her family and take on a project to pay off the debt I owe them. The only catch is, I have no idea what the job entails.

"Is it even legal?" I asked her during our call, feeling a bit annoyed because she seemed to be whispering.

Ever since I first met Bronwyn, it's clear she enjoys being mysterious. Even the way we became roommates at Redmond College remains half-shrouded in secrecy. Redmond, an exclusive all-girls college on the East Coast, is where the wealthy and privileged send their daughters to carry on their blue-blooded family legacies. In stark contrast, I come from humble beginnings. My family's financial struggles were never a secret—I'm the daughter of a conman and a perpetually depressed woman who passed away too soon. But despite all that, school has always been my sanctuary. I have a passion for learning and graduated at the top of my class, which earned me a full academic scholarship to Redmond College.

"Yes, it's legal," Bronwyn whispered, and her response held a hint of offense at my question.

"Okay, then just tell me what you want from me," I insisted, eager for answers.

"I can't. Not over the phone."

"Why not?"

"Holly, please don't make this more difficult than necessary. Trust me, you're going to have a lovely time. Besides, what I need from you aligns perfectly with your expertise."

I frowned, feeling puzzled. "My expertise?"

"Investigative reporting," she revealed.

My eyes widened, and I sat up straight in my chair. "Oh. Okay..."

"I also know that you're an independent reporter. I've read both of your books, 'The Howsley Project' and 'In Defense of Bad Air.'"

"You did?" I asked in astonishment, my voice hitting a higher pitch. I glanced absentmindedly at the large downtown building on the opposite side of the bustling avenue. Bronwyn had done her homework, which wasn't like her unless it served a significant purpose for her.

"Yes, I did," Bronwyn confirmed.

I had sold many copies of my books, but hearing that she, someone from my early days, had read them felt strange and incredibly gratifying.

"I promise it will be worth your while," she whispered even softer than before, piquing my curiosity even more.

Now, here I am, having accepted her invitation and driven four long hours from Philadelphia to Newport, Rhode Island. I sit in the driver's seat of my modest car, facing the grand entrance of the Blackstone mansion estate. The massive iron gates, adorned with pointy spears and the family crest, slowly open wide, inviting me into their famous and exclusive property.

Nerves flutter in my stomach as I carefully drive past pine trees adorned with glistening fresh snow and expansive, pristine lawns, approaching the rustic red stone mansion. It's a sight to behold, with its high, pointy gables that resemble an old church and picture windows radiating a warm glow across the brick facade. Several chimneys peak beyond the roof like narrow spires, sending smoke billowing into the opaque white sky. Despite the harrowing rumors surrounding the Blackstone family mansion, it exudes an aura of warmth and life.

Finally, I reach a fork in the drive and decide to curve towards the front of the manor. Bryn hadn't given me specific instructions on where to park or what to do upon my arrival. The rush to finish all my assignments before the holidays made me forget to call and confirm the details. All I have is the address and the family gate code. However, we agreed I’d arrive between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. I glance at the time on the console—it's 3:17 p.m. I park the car in front of a long walkway and peer past the black iron gates that enclose a quaint patio. The front doors remind me of ancient bronze castle gates, looking like they haven't been opened in centuries.

I sigh heavily as I sink deeper into the driver's seat. I should've planned my arrival better. But amidst my worries, a question lingers: would I even recognize Bronwyn today? It's been so long since we last saw each other. We said goodbye after our first year of college, expecting to room together the following year. But she never showed up. I ended up in the same dorm room for my junior and senior years, but she was still nowhere to be found. I tried calling her several times, only reaching one of the family estate secretaries, who promised to relay my messages to her.

During college, I lived in the most luxurious dorm on campus, which I later discovered wasn't a coincidence. Lost in thought, I stare unfocused through my windshield, recalling the first time I met the stunning, wealthy heiress with her perfect ringlets and keen eyes. It was during our welcome orientation in the main sanctuary, two weeks before classes started.

As I sat alone in the buzzing auditorium, I couldn't shake off the feeling of being an outsider. The room buzzed with girls who had spent their summers in glamorous chateaus in the Alps or other fancy spots. They chatted about everything from the posh high schools they attended to gossip about friends who didn't get into Redmond because of their grades. It seemed like even money couldn't buy their way in when it came to certain things.

I felt a sting of hurt when a girl with dark hair and strikingly large eyes glanced at me sharply after mentioning “hobo” yet again.

That's when it hit me: I was the "hobo" in their eyes. The label stung, marking me as an outsider, someone who didn't fit in. I hadn't been born into wealth and privilege like the rest of them, and that, it seemed, made me an easy target for their judgment.

Still reeling from their hurtful and isolating comments, I was taken aback when a bold girl gusted down my row,  plopped down in the seat beside me, and said, "Don't mind them. They're stinky little bitches with bad breath and sour vaginas compliments of their cheating boyfriends.”

I gasped in shock. While I appreciated her standing up for me, her language was quite coarse. Nonetheless, it seemed like her response had wounded the girls who had been mocking me, and I felt a glimmer of relief.

With a newfound sense of camaraderie, she introduced herself, "I'm Bronwyn Blackstone, but the people I like call me Bryn."

One girl in the group cast a furtive glance our way, careful not to upset the girl who had just berated her. It was clear that they weren't allowed to call Bronwyn Blackstone 'Bryn', which only cemented her status at the top of the social hierarchy.

When Bryn asked my name, I hesitated before replying, "Holly, Holly Henderson."

"And where are you from, Holly Henderson?"

I frowned slightly, answering, "Pittsburgh, that's where I ended up."

Her interest piqued, she asked, "And what does your father do?"

Her directness caught me off guard. "You mean his job?"

"Yes," she said, expectantly awaiting my response.

Thanks to the encouragement of a caring principal, guidance counselors, and teachers, I had learned not to be defined by my father's actions. “He doesn’t do anything,” I stated plainly, without embarrassment.

She raised an eyebrow. “Nothing? What does that mean?”

“He’s unemployed. Actually, he’s in prison, again,” I said, rolling my eyes tiredly.

Bryn's laughter filled the air as she tossed her head back, exclaiming, "I like you." She shifted in her seat, turning her body towards me with an air of intrigue. “And you don't know who I am?"

I leaned back, giving her a once-over, and replied honestly, "Should I know who you are?"

Her smirk turned smug as she responded, "Maybe. Maybe not."

Our conversation was cut short when Dean Westerly stepped onto the stage, addressing all the new students at Redmond. Before I could say anything else, Bryn stood up and sauntered out of the auditorium with an air of self-assurance, as if she owned the world. I couldn't help but wonder what role she played in this enigmatic college.

A week later, I walked into what felt like my version of heaven on earth—my new dorm room. It resembled a luxury apartment, complete with all the amenities one could imagine. Two master bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and even a jetted tub that left me in awe. I checked the tag attached to the key my student advisor had given me, confirming that this was indeed my assigned room, despite the opulence that seemed beyond my expectations.

"Hey, roomie," a familiar voice called out.

I turned around to find Bryn standing there, accompanied by a cute guy with floppy hair and a bad boy smirk—I later got to know him as Dale Rumor.

With a cocky smile, she declared, "I needed a roommate, so I chose you."

It didn't take long for me to realize that Bryn had deliberately befriended me during orientation because she was searching for someone like me—an outsider with no connections to her world of secrets. As I soon discovered, the Blackstone family's wealth was beyond comprehension, and Bryn was determined to keep her double life hidden from any gossip and scandal.

Fortunately, my past had taught me to keep to myself and respect others' privacy. Bryn seemed to bring a new guy home almost every night, but I didn't pry or judge. Some of them would stay the night, while others would leave after spending several hours locked in her room. I couldn't help but find it peculiar that they remained so hushed during their visits.

However, Bryn and I had formed a genuine bond over time. She was a great listener and always lent an ear as I poured out my heart about the struggles my parents put me through. In return, she seldom spoke about her own family, although I knew she had a twin brother and two older brothers. Like my parents, her wealthier yet seemingly unstable parents never bothered to visit. Occasionally, a woman would come by to check on Bryn, but she remained tight-lipped about the woman's identity and their relationship.

After graduation, I was taken aback when I received a handwritten card from Bryn. It said, "Don't worry about paying us back for the dorm. You deserve to live in the lap of luxury." I had assumed my scholarship covered my room and board expenses, but it turned out that Blackstone Family Enterprises had been footing the bill. The revelation left me astonished, but I couldn't accept such generosity without repaying them.

As soon as I landed my first job as a reporter, I reached out to the estate and made arrangements to repay them. Over the last three years, I've been paying them eight hundred dollars a month, working diligently to clear my debt. With thirty-six thousand dollars left to go, I'm determined to fulfill my obligation. But what does she want me to do? I hope it’s legal.

I turn my searching gaze on the imposing entrance of Blackstone manor, knowing that I'll soon come face-to-face with my old friend feels both thrilling and unnerving. I wonder if she's changed much over the years. There are no recent pictures of her online, not that I've actively searched for them. She hasn't occupied my thoughts in a long time. Occasionally, her older brother Jasper comes to my attention, but everyone knows better than to mess with him. Well, almost everyone—there's a colleague of mine who's obsessed with bringing the Blackstones down. Regardless, I remember Bryn as a stunning beauty back in college, and I doubt that has changed.

"Here goes nothing," I mutter with a sigh. I twist my body and reach into the back seat of my car, quickly grabbing my ankle-length wool coat. The thick, warm coat is like a ninja warrior, expertly battling the cold. My hand then searches beneath the passenger seat to retrieve my purse. "Got it," I whisper triumphantly, though my arm aches from the effort of performing just two actions in such a confined space. My compact car might be fuel-efficient, but it certainly isn't the most comfortable vehicle. 

Suddenly, my heart races as I press my hand against my chest as I lean closer to the car window to get a better look. A man stands on the other side of the glass, and his intense gaze feels like it's piercing right through me. In one moment that feels as if time has slowed, I absorb his features—a masterpiece of gorgeous angles and the most enticing lips I've ever seen. His whole face is just... Wow. It's as if he has the power to hypnotize those gazing upon him with a simple glance, like a medallion swaying back and forth.

Finally, the man takes a step back, and his commanding voice breaks through the momentary trance. "Roll down the window," he orders, motioning for me to comply.

I steady my breaths and press the down button on the armrest.

He folds his arms, exuding an air of authority akin to a highway patrolman handing out a well-deserved speeding ticket. "Who are you, and how did you get through my gate?" he demands.

I slap my hand on my chest lightly, a hint of annoyance in my tone. "I'm Holly Henderson." I expect him to recognize the name as one Bryn mentioned, but his stern expression doesn't falter. "Bryn invited me for the holiday, and..." It finally dawns on me. I'm face to face with one of Bryn's brothers—and I know which one.

The extremely handsome man outside my car door is none other than Jasper Walker Blackstone, the eldest brother and a potential presidential candidate. Holy shit. Is he the reason I'm here? Does Bryn want me to interview her brother? I have a reputation for exposing powerful and shady figures like him. A favorable interview from me could paint him in an immaculate light, which is why I'm hesitant about taking on such a task.

"You're Bryn's friend?" he questions, his tone accusatory.

"Yes," I respond, trying to keep my composure despite the adrenaline coursing through me. "And you're Jasper Blackstone."

His eyes narrow, and I can sense that he's thinking something, but whatever it is, it doesn't seem welcoming. "She didn't inform me that we were having guests this week," he claims icily.

I press my lips together, tempted to comply with that look on his face, and turn my car around and head back home. But instead, I remain silent, curious to see how this encounter will unfold. There's something intriguing about Jasper, something that piques my journalist instincts even as I tread cautiously. But what a prick.

"Well, you can't park here," he grumbles, his annoyance palpable. His gaze shifts towards the fork in the drive, the very spot where I had stopped earlier. "It's going to snow in a few hours. Turn around, go back to the split in the drive, and make a left at the back of the house. I'll guide you to the garage."

Before I can even thank him for the assistance, he walks away, leaving me slightly taken aback. It seems showing hospitality isn't one of his strong suits. As he passes the iron gates, they open automatically for him, further reinforcing the impression that he carries himself like a man who believes he owns the world. And perhaps he does. Yet, I can't deny that he looks very attractive in his well-fitted casual dress pants and a thick black winter coat. I catch myself wondering how he smells; I'm certain guys like him always have an enticing scent.

"Get a grip, Holls," I whisper to myself, trying to quell the unexplained emotions that are stirring within me. My slightly trembling hands clench the steering wheel as I execute a three-point turn to follow his instructions. What's wrong with me? I've encountered men who are just as handsome and intimidating as Jasper in the past. But there's something about him that affects me differently, an odd effect I can't quite explain.

* * *

Driving at a snail's pace, I can't help but admire Jasper's striking figure as he stands by the driveway. I wonder which of Bryn's brothers I'll encounter next—maybe the charismatic playboy, Spencer, or the brainy chemist, Asher. But for now, I'm face to face with the brawn of the family—Jasper, the muscle. And oh my God, just look at him. He's undeniably captivating.

As I approach him, he motions for me to follow, leading me toward a garage with several car stalls. His walk is hypnotizing, and I find myself drawn to him despite any reservations I may have. He's simply mesmerizing.

One of the garage doors opens automatically, revealing a designated parking spot. Carefully, I steer my car into the stall, knowing that soon I'll be standing mere feet away from Jasper.

"Hi. Thank you for having me," I practice my greeting under my breath, even though his demeanor doesn't exactly exude warmth or excitement at my presence.

I ensure my vehicle is perfectly aligned before switching off the engine. My heart pounds in my chest as I gather my coat and purse from the passenger seat, quickly tucking a forgotten fast-food bag out of sight. I let out a frustrated sigh, annoyed at myself for feeling so self-conscious about how Jasper will see me. He's undoubtedly never indulged in a french fry from a paper bag in his entire life. I brace myself as I open the car door, ready to face his intense, captivating gaze that seems to have a hypnotic effect on me.

"Hello, ma'am," a middle-aged gentleman in a black suit greets me with impeccable manners.

"Hi," I respond, feeling a bit flabbergasted by the formal welcome.

"I'm William, your guest butler," he introduces himself, bowing his head slightly in a deferential manner.

I slip on my coat and begin to introduce myself, but he interjects smoothly, "Holly Henderson, I know. Miss Blackstone informed me of your arrival."

I'm taken aback, pleasantly surprised that my arrival had indeed been anticipated. Finally, someone at the Blackstone estate seems to be aware of my presence, and it makes me feel more at ease. I nod gratefully, thankful that Bryn had made the effort to let the staff know about my visit.

I walk towards the trunk of my car, intending to retrieve my belongings, but William intervenes with a surprising offer. "Miss Henderson, please do not worry about the luggage. Our staff will bring your things to your room and unpack for you."

My eyebrows shoot up, and I instinctively gnaw on my lower lip. The idea of strangers rummaging through my personal items makes me slightly uneasy.

"We promise the utmost discretion," William reassures me, seemingly able to read my hesitation.

I wrestle with the urge to decline the offer. But it seems like William has already given instructions, and it's too late to change my mind. Before I know it, two young women dressed in blue maid uniforms are making their way toward us.

Feeling slightly awkward, I agree to their help, trusting in William's assurance of discretion. With mixed feelings, I watch as they whisk away my belongings.

Then, an unexpected issue arises with the garage door repeatedly going up and down. William apologizes for the inconvenience and attempts to fix the mechanical glitch. Because it’s so chilly, and he’s consumed by repairing the door,  I assure him that I can find my way to my room on my own, not wanting to impose any further. Reluctantly, he provides me with directions.

Without wasting any time, I swiftly make my way up the drive, eager to explore the Blackstone ancestral home without a chaperone. The sprawling mansion looms ahead, its majestic presence evoking a mix of awe and curiosity within me. I take in every detail—the towering pillars, the ornate architecture, and the air of mystery that surrounds the estate.

As I step inside through the back door, I find myself in a vast, open space adorned with pristine white marble floors. The ambiance is accompanied by gentle instrumental music playing softly in the background, reminiscent of elevator tunes. I can't help but feel a mix of elegance and formality as I take in my surroundings.

Before me stands the curving stairwell that William had mentioned, leading to the upper levels of the mansion. As I prepare to ascend, a strange sensation tingles on the right side of my face, as if someone's gaze is fixed upon me. I quickly turn in that direction, only to find no one there. It must be my imagination playing tricks on me, or perhaps the aura of the mansion is playing with my senses.

Yet, I can't shake the desire to see Jasper Blackstone again. Despite his aloof demeanor, there's an undeniable pull that draws me to him. I find myself hoping that our next encounter will be more agreeable, that we might find common ground amidst the enigmatic world of the Blackstone family.

Or maybe not. 

Why do I even care? 

Oh right, he’s powerful—very powerful. It’ll be great to learn what makes a man like him tick.

Carefully following William's instructions, I ascend the stairway and find myself at the end of the hallway. Two doors, side by side, catch my attention, and I wonder if they lead to the same room. Considering that William emphasized "the right" a few times, I opt to open the door on the right.

As I step inside, my eyes widen in amazement at the grandeur before me. The room is like something out of a royal palace, with a tall king-sized bed adorned in opulent gold silk and a regal, golden-tufted backboard. It's the kind of bed fit for a queen, perhaps even the Queen of England herself. Rich red velvet curtains and beautifully draped valances separate the sleeping area from a luxurious sitting space. An exquisite crystal-encrusted chandelier hangs gracefully over the bed, adding to the room's grandeur.

My gaze then falls upon the wall of windows, revealing a picturesque view of the snow-covered lawn and the thistle-adorned branches of tall trees. The golden brocade drapes and valances add an extra touch of elegance to the scene.

I can't help but feel a sense of awe and wonderment at the room's lavish decor, so different from my own modern sensibilities. As I glance at my reflection in the gold-leaf framed standing mirror, I realize how out of place I seem with my dark, messy hair and heavy black coat amidst the historical opulence.

Suddenly, I gasp and freeze as I notice him. There he is, Jasper Blackstone, seated in one of the high-backed chairs next to the window. His intense gaze meets mine, and for a moment, time seems to stand still. I feel a rush of nerves and excitement, unsure of how to react to this unexpected encounter.

"I didn't see you," I manage to stammer, my hand pressed against my rapidly beating heart.

"What are you doing in here?" he demands, his tone sharp and commanding.

My mouth falls open, caught off guard by his intense frown and imposing demeanor. His presence fills the room with an aura of power, leaving me momentarily speechless. My mind races to find the right words, but they seem to escape me in his formidable presence.

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