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Say You Love Her: An LA Love Story (E-Book)

Say You Love Her: An LA Love Story (E-Book)


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Love brings this billionaire playboy to his knees. But is Charlie Lord ready for the woman he never saw coming?

Fall head over heels in love. Indulge in this spicy hot contemporary romance today.

‘Say You Love Her: An L.A. Love Story’ is the third book in the LOVE in the USA Contemporary Romance Series by author Z.L. Arkadie.

All characters from the previous books are featured prominently in this novel.


LOVE in the USA - The Lords

1 - Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha's Vineyard Love Story
(Can be read as a Standalone)

2 - There's Something About Her: A Manhattan Love Story
(Can be read as a Standalone)

3 - Say You Love Her: An LA Love Story
(Can be read as a Standalone)

4 - Know Her, Love Her (Jack & Daisy, #1)
(A continuation of their story)

5 - Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince #1)
(A continuation of their story)

6 - He's So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story
(Robert Tango's story)

7 - Made to Love Her (Maggie & Vince, #2)
(The conclusion of their story)

8 - He's So Good (Robert & Carter)
(The conclusion of their story)

9 - Say You Love Me (Charlie & Angel)
(The conclusion of their story)

10 - Adore Her, More of Her (Jack & Daisy, #2)
(The series conclusion)


Chapter One

“Dump the porn star and get your ass back to California,” my cousin Maggie says as Vincent Adams carts her off. 

I thought she had bigger aspirations than to be with a cliché like him. I spring to my feet and catch a glimpse of Daisy, my brother’s wife, as she parts her lips, tosses her head back, and laughs. It’s getting chillier, and she looks like a burrito wrapped up in that black sweater blanket of hers. The final remnants of sunlight peeking from behind the shifting clouds capture her beautiful face. One of my San Francisco friends once said that the face of the one you love stands out in a crowded room. It doesn’t have to be a pretty face, although Daisy’s is stunning. It’s simply the one you see no matter who else is around. He said it more poetically though, since he’s a poet and I’m not.

I try to focus on the girl I’ve brought with me—the kind of girl I would never notice in a crowded room or even an empty one. I don’t know why I brought her to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. She stripped out of her top before she ran off to kick at the water along the shoreline. Doobie, Bobby, Conner, Dillon, and Mark are nursing the boners her bare tits aroused. 

I cup my hands around my mouth and yell, “Andy! Or Anne! Andrea? Whatever your name is, let’s go!” 

Daisy watches me, but I pretend not to see her, maybe because I’m ashamed of the way I feel about her. She chose Jack over me, and she’s better for it. Everybody, even Daisy, sees me as Jack’s loser younger brother. Maybe I’ll wise up to that fact in another month or two when the film I’m making bombs. 

Andy or Anne jogs up the beach as if she’s a lifeguard on Baywatch. There’s hardly any bounce in her tits. What the hell was I thinking bringing some girl whose name I can’t remember to Martha’s Vineyard? 

“Leaving so soon?” Daisy asks. 

Her bright eyes remind me why I brought Andy. I clear my throat. “Yeah.” 

“That’s too bad.” 

All I see is her smile. Does she know what she does to me? Sometimes I think she does. 

“What the hell, Charlie?” Andy says as she closes in. “We just got here.” 

I rip my gaze from Daisy’s face. “You can stay if you want, but I’m leaving.”

She drops to her knees. “Well, I’m staying.”

“Then get a hotel room and book a flight back to L.A. because you can’t stay with my brother and his wife.”

“And it’s Amy.” She tugs on her flimsy T-shirt .

“Who’s Amy?”

“Me! I’m Amy!”

“You can stay with me, Amy,” Dillon, Jack’s friend from Philly, says directly to her headlights. 

Jack has a hand on Daisy’s pregnant belly and his lips on her cheek. We haven’t been here one day, and seeing them like that is already annoying the hell out of me. I turn away and kick up sand on my way to the steps.

“Hey, Chuck,” Jack calls after me.

I stop even though I want to keep going. “What?”

Andy is trotting in my direction. I had hoped she’d take Dillon up on his offer. He would’ve really gotten a kick out of her.

“You’re leaving?” Jack asks. 

Daisy has her head on his shoulder. They can’t seem to go without the PDA.


He lifts his hands as if to say “what the hell.” I turn my back, realizing that in one gesture, he’s managed to make me look even more like a capricious loser to everyone. Everyone except Andy, who really has chosen to follow me instead of cashing in on Dillon’s offer. 


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