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Made to Love Her: Jack & Daisy, #2 (E-Book)

Made to Love Her: Jack & Daisy, #2 (E-Book)


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It’s been a long time coming—Maggie & Vince are finally ready to say, “I do.” But can they navigate the pitfalls set before them and make it to the altar without falling to pieces?

Meanwhile, the guests are stirring up their own drama.

Love is in the air, and so is desire, jealousy, and revenge.


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Made to Love Her
Chapter One

I sigh heavily. This is my first answer to Maddie’s or Allie’s question—I still can’t tell Vince’s sisters apart. There are three of them—Lexie, Maddie and Allie. Each has bleached blond hair, a tiny mousy face and speaks in high-pitched voice that gives me a headache. At least now I only have to contend with two of them. We’re back at the bakery. We were here yesterday for six hours. One of Vince’s sisters—Lexie, I think—stomped out in a huff because I didn’t want a wedding cake with red roses on top. I didn’t care if they tasted like cherry meringue. I don’t know much about weddings, but I do know enough to realize that red roses do not go on top of wedding cakes, at least not the non-tacky ones. I feel as if they have been trying to sabotage me from the beginning. Today is Tuesday. We started the whole wedding planning process from hell together Monday of last week. We’ve been aided by a mysterious wedding planner named Lily, whom I’ve yet to meet. The only reason I believe she exists is that lying to me about her would be an elaborate scheme. Vince’s clan can’t really hate me that much. Could they?

The wedding cake specialist rubs her brow as if to ward off the same headache that I have. “So, Maggie, are you ready to make your final decision on the top tier?”

This is our second day of taste-testing cakes and selecting fillings. I’m starting to think that we’ve eaten enough cake to compose one gigantic wedding cake.

I open my mouth to speak but Vince’s sister throws her hand up in front of my face in a pretty rude manner. “Lily wholeheartedly suggests the chocolate layer on top,” Maddie says. I’m pretty sure she’s Maddie, the one who always wears the white pearl earrings.

“But I don’t like chocolate cake, and neither does Vince. What’s wrong with all-white cake with buttercream frosting?” I say.

She blows sharply through her nose. “Vince does like chocolate cake.”

“No. He does not.” I check my watch. I can’t believe that I’m participating in an argument over cake.

Speaking of Vince, I’m pissed to the umpteenth power at him. He was supposed to arrive yesterday at eight o’clock. I’ve been trying to call him for the last eighteen hours. At first, the phone rang three times then went to voicemail. Now my calls go straight to voicemail.


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