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LOVE in the USA (The Hesters) E-Book Bundle

LOVE in the USA (The Hesters) E-Book Bundle

Contemporary Romance Series with Suspense and Steam

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'LOVE in the USA: The Hester Girls' Exclusive E-Book Bundle!

Fall in Love Again with the Hester Girls and their alluring, confident, and loyal heroes!

Embark on a heartwarming journey with the Hester girls, who are determined to shatter an ancient family curse that dooms them to loveless lives. From fiery clashes to deep bonds of friendship, watch as they transform enemies-to-lovers and friends-to-lovers encounters into passionate love stories. Join these spirited sisters as they prove that true love can break any curse, rewriting their destinies and finding joy in unexpected romances.


LOVE in the USA - The Hester Girls

1 - Once Friends (Sonja & Jay)

2 - Taming the Shrewd (Elaine & Zach)

3 - Waiting On You (Robin & Dexter)


In Once Friends, Sonja and Jay were once best friends, and then he broke her heart and they became strangers. Many years later an act of fate brings them together. But will she be able to overcome the resentment she feels toward him and give him a second chance to win her heart?

In Taming The Shrewd, Zach Lord had one goal in mind—meet with this woman, who's reputation preceded her, seal the deal and then move on with business as usual. But one look at Elaine Hester and Zach threw all his plans out the window.

In Waiting On You, following a devastating breakup, Robin Hester swears off men.  Then, Dexter Frampton walks into her life. He’s arguably the most handsome man she’s ever seen, but he has a nagging habit of getting under her skin. Then, one day he brazenly questions her ability to commit to anything that’s good for her. Surprisingly she puts every ounce of energy into proving him wrong. When it’s all over, will these enemies become lovers?



Jay West heard a jingle. Caught between the end of a dream he was already forgetting and consciousness, Jay slowly blinked until he was mostly awake. The stark daylight that filled the room stung his eyes. He turned his heavy-lidded gaze toward the noise. His cell phone was playing a song he didn’t recognize, and the ringtone made his already excruciating headache worse.

“Damn it,” he muttered as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and bent to rub his aching sinuses. The damn smog was going to kill him one day. What in the hell happened last night? Hell if he could remember. 

The phone quieted then chimed and vibrated again. He clutched his stomach, wanting to hurl, but then the bed shifted, so he turned his stiff neck to look behind him. A naked woman, lying under the top sheet, was snoring gently. The phone, the strange woman, his headache, the angst Jay had felt about facing the rest of his day—something had to give. 

First things first

He swiped his cell phone off the nightstand and scowled at the screen. It was Jim Neely, his agent. 

“Yeah,” he whispered, wishing he had let the damn call go to voicemail. Again.

“Where the hell are you?” Jim barked.

Jay closed his eyes to let the extra ache the volume of Jim’s voice had caused pass through his head. He tried to remember where he was supposed to be but drew a blank. 

“God damn you, Jay. Are you hell-bent on killing your fucking career?”

Jay’s dead gaze fell over the hazy city beyond the tall windows his bed faced. Normally he would close the curtains at night so he wouldn’t wake up to so much light. But at the moment, he couldn’t remember how in the hell he’d made it to his bed in the first place. He looked at the lower half of his body. At least his pants were on. 

“Okay, I’ll bite. Where am I supposed to be?” he asked, rubbing the inside corners of his eyes.

“Are you kidding? You’re fucking kidding me, right?”

Jay exhaled. “Does it sound like I’m joking?”

He could feel Jim’s disappointment and frustration in the moment of silence.

“Why haven’t you hired a new assistant yet? I had Carla send you the resumes. Why in the hell haven’t you picked one yet?” 

The sleeping girl groaned. Jay quickly looked behind him to stare at the back of her head, waiting for her to turn around so he could get a look at her face.

“I’ll get one,” he barely said.

Jim scoffed, perhaps because he knew that Jay was only trying to pacify him. Jay hated assistants. He’d never had one he could trust or hadn’t fucked, which had proven to be a gold mine for the celebrity gossip rags that brought entertainment to those who loved to see big stars like him fall from grace, and boy, was he on a downward spiral.

“Just tell me where the hell am I supposed to be,” Jay grumbled.

“AMTA. Get your ass here now.” Jim hung up. 

Finally the girl twisted until she flipped over, turning in his direction. He studied her curves and the features of her face. She was young, maybe in her early twenties—he hoped not younger. She was also pretty, just like any other girl who stepped off the bus from somewhere else in America and came to Hollywood to make it big only to discover that there were way too many other pretty fish in the city’s enormous pond. The fine lines branching out at the corners of her eyes and puffiness beneath them showed the stress of chasing that elusive stardom.

“Good morning, Jay West,” she purred, beaming as she reached to rub what was between his legs.

He guided her hand away. “Sorry, um…” He didn’t know her name. “You gotta go.”

The glow in her eyes dimmed. He could tell that her hopes of nailing a big-time movie star boyfriend had been thwarted and now she felt cheap.

He hopped spritely to his feet. “Listen, it was fun. But I have a meeting that started an hour or so ago.”

The girl glared at him. Jay knew she thought he was bullshitting her, and normally he would sell her a load of crap to get her out of his house as quickly as possible, but it just so happened at the moment, and thankfully so, he was telling the truth. 

“Don’t worry, I’m glad to go,” she said, flinging herself to the edge of the bed. She bent over, snatched a tiny dress off the floor, and then tugged it over her head to put it on.

“Sorry to be so—” Jay said.

“Just shut the hell up already,” she snapped. She bent over again and Jay heard the heels of her shoes scraping the hardwood.

He folded his arms, desperately trying to recall how the girl had ended up in his bed in the first place. The last thing he remembered about the previous day was meeting two buddies, Davey Lyons and Rich Brisbane, at the Hot Spot, which was a club in Malibu. It had been a while since he’d hung out with the two avid partiers, who were also former child stars, only their careers hadn’t taken off like Jay’s. 

Jay had seen a lot of people he knew at the Hot Spot, and of course they were still into the same shit—mounds of cocaine, lots of poppers, ecstasy, and all kinds of other shit. Against his better judgment, Jay had had a few drinks, and although he couldn’t remember taking a hit of coke or anything else, he must’ve and perhaps had taken too much of it.

The girl snatched her small purse off the floor and jumped to her feet. “Have a nice day,” she said coldly and rushed out of the room.

Jay shot to his feet and followed her as he scratched the back of his neck. He wished he could remember meeting her and bringing her back to his place. Before leaving for the party, he questioned whether he had the resolve to go and not get into any trouble. But goodness, he couldn’t believe he had fallen off the wagon in such a big way.

He followed her up the hallway, down the floating stair, and into the foyer. She was almost gone, but he still had a lot of questions to ask her about last night.

“Can I call you an Uber?” he asked in his efforts to at least not make her feel cheap. 

She snorted facetiously and jerked the door open. “I drove.”

“Wait,” he said before she stepped out into the bright day.

The women turned and scowled at him. 

“Why can’t I remember meeting you or getting into bed with you?”

She grunted and rolled her eyes as though his question had offended her. “Don’t worry. You couldn’t get it up.” She rushed out of the house, slamming the large and heavy door as best she could behind her.

Jay knew her comment was meant to belittle him, but his lifestyle had been affecting his sex drive for quite a while. He felt numb inside as he watched her skip down the white stone steps and get into the driver’s seat of a black car with dark tinted windows, which happened to be parked along the circular driveway behind his Roadster. 

Jay kept his narrowed eyes on his car. “What the hell?” 

The girl’s car rolled slowly down the driveway, heading away from the house. As the gate opened, Jay turned his attention back to his car. Had he driven it home last night? And if he had, then he must’ve been sober enough to do that. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying hard as hell to remember something, anything. Then suddenly and out of nowhere, a familiar and strong urge to run as far as he could away from his life hit him. 

Jay closed his eyes and kept taking deep breaths as he thought about waking up next to the girl, the call from Jim, and the fact that he wished his whole body would do something miraculous like disappear into thin air and never return. 

When he opened his eyes again, he knew exactly what had to be done. So he sighed briskly and turned away from the window, deciding to forget about last night so that he could focus on what would be from that moment forth.

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