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Once Upon An Unrequited Love (E-Book)

Once Upon An Unrequited Love (E-Book)

Contemporary Romantic Comedy Billionaire Romance

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Max Grove is more than just a man; he's my best friend's brother and the world's most coveted billionaire bachelor. 

I’m also compelled to acknowledge that he embodies intelligence, success, and power. 

Everyone desires a piece of him. Every woman dreams of becoming his one true love. 

Unfortunately for them, Max Grove’s heart belongs to just one woman—a woman who has vowed never to surrender her heart to him. And that’s where our story begins because that woman is me.

As the lines between hatred and love blur in our Lake Como hideaway, will I choose the safety of solitude or the peril that comes with opening my heart to Max?

Prepare for a whirlwind of emotion in the spellbinding finale of the 'Romancing the Boss and Billionaire' series. "Once Upon An Unrequited Love" isn't just a STANDALONE romance; it's a heart-stirring love story that promises intense longing, undeniable chemistry, and the sweetest Happily Ever After.

“Oh, Lake,” he whispers, drawing me against him, spooning me, enveloping me within the warmth of his body. “You can’t fear death or love.”  I close my eyes as the gentle kiss he places on my shoulder sends a fresh flutter of butterflies through my belly.  “One thing is for certain, we’re all going to die one day. But true love, that’s not guaranteed. And I can love you, Lake. I can love you until I take my last breath…”



Romancing The Boss And Billionaire

1 - Once Upon A One-Night Stand (Romancing the Boss)

2 - Once Upon An Unrequited Love (Romancing the Billionaire)




Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved a boy. The girl knew she wanted to be with the boy forever from the moment she sat across from him during an interview for a graphic artist job. There was something about how easily he smiled and laughed at every funny thing she said, which she does when she’s uncomfortable; she becomes a comedian. Even her lousy jokes landed well with him. He was open, honest, and a good person—those traits emanated from the boy like a hearth warming the chambers of her heart on a cold and stormy night. 

She landed the job, of course. And her crush on the boy brewed for months because she was afraid to tell him or even show him how she truly felt. He was quite the catch at their company. So many women fell in love with him too. And not only because of his good looks. The boy was simply the best kind of man. He looked you in the eye when he spoke to you, making you feel as if you were the only person who mattered in the world. He was strong, loyal, and believed in the best of others. So no, he couldn't have loved her. She had only attracted emotionally stunted men, who lost interest after learning that despite her free and generous spirit, she couldn’t save them from dullness or narcissism. And in return, they would leave her devastatingly heartbroken.

No… The boy had been more than she could ever imagine, more than she ever thought she deserved.

Then, one day, she told him how he made her feel. The words gushed out of her like the downpour of Niagara Falls. She said she loved him from the moment she looked into his eyes. She said she hoped he could find something in her to love too. She said she didn't deserve someone like him because no man like him ever liked her. Then, the boy stopped her from talking, kissed her Cupid’s bow mouth, and asked her to join him for dinner.  

They had been inseparable from that night until… 

Perhaps the boy worked too much. Maybe the boy suppressed too much anguish and hate. Perhaps the boy hadn't gone to get himself checked out when the headaches started because he thought it was just stress. Probably if the boy had… 


Just perhaps if he had done something else, anything else… 

I stop squeezing my eyes shut and open them to whisper, “Perhaps the boy would still be alive.” 

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