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Adore Her, More of Her: Jack & Daisy, #2 (E-Book)

Adore Her, More of Her: Jack & Daisy, #2 (E-Book)


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Belmont and Daisy, didn't expect an ordinary love story. From the fiery intensity of their first encounter, their relationship was destined to be anything but typical. Committing their hearts and souls to each other after just one electrifying week, they believed they could face anything. Yet, life's harsh realities quickly overshadowed their passionate beginning. Daisy's spirited independence clashed with Belmont's protective nature, creating a chasm filled with misunderstandings and unmet expectations.

However, the magic that brought them together refuses to let go. And just when their love matures into a testament to their trials, the unthinkable happens—Belmont disappears, swallowed by a past shrouded in mystery. Unbeknownst to Daisy, Belmont's covert life has caught up to him, leaving their family incomplete once more.

But Belmont has not just married a lover; he's married a fighter. Daisy, fueled by an unbreakable love and a resolve of steel, is ready to move mountains to find the man who owns her heart. 

'Adore Her, More of Her' delivers a powerful finale to the LOVE in the USA series, weaving suspense, passion, and unwavering love into an unforgettable tapestry. 


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Adore Her, More of Her
Chapter One

Daisy Lord

I balance on one foot and raise the other, pressing my heel against my thigh. As soon as I’m steady, I massage the sole of my foot. Yoga three times a week is paying off as far as perfecting my balance is concerned, but the bottoms of both my feet are killing me. I spent all day on them in the kitchen of Mes Fleurs Bakery today. Jeffrey and Rain—the senior bakers—and I were making special menu items for the final month of Christmas. Creating twenty-three different tasty desserts was easier in concept than in reality. From 8:00 a.m. all the way to 8:49 p.m., we whipped up croissants, éclairs, brioches, religieuses, madeleines, macarons, beignets, mille-feuilles, and a six-per-box assortment of petit fours. Baking was fun but exhausting. When I got home, I was surprised to see that Belmont hadn’t arrived. He was supposed to be here five hours ago. It’s our “both away” day. At least one of us is home with Ed, our son, four days of the week, and on the day both of us are out, Aunt Susan—my stepfather Joseph’s sister—comes over to babysit. Her estate, where she grows acres of pomegranate trees, isn’t that far away. 

This morning, Belmont woke up earlier than I did, kissed me good-bye, and said he’d be home around five in the evening, depending on traffic. He drove from Montecito to San Francisco for a secured board meeting. I’m sure traffic leaving the city was a nightmare at around noon, but it should be all clear now. At any second, the headlights of his cream-colored SUV will be turning off the dark main road and onto our overly lit driveway. 

“Hey, Daisy…” 

Even though I know the speaker is not Belmont, I snap my face toward the doorway.

“You’re leaving?” I ask Melvin, our chef for “both-away” days and special occasions. 

“Yep. Kitchen’s clean, and dinner’s warming in the oven.” His forehead wrinkles. “Jack hasn’t made it yet?”

I shake my head. “No, he hasn’t.” There’s no masking the concern in my tone.

Melvin looks past me and out the floor-to-ceiling windows. “It’s raining pretty good.”

I purse my lips into a tight smile and nod. Tears flood my ducts, but I’m determined to not release them. I have no idea why feelings of dread and sadness have suddenly overtaken me.

Melvin shows me a big, optimistic smile. “The roads are wet. Knowing Jack, he’s taking it easy, making sure he makes it home safely.”

I fold my arms and gaze out into the wet night. “I’m sure you’re right.” 

“I am right,” he says confidently. “So next week you won’t need me, right?”

I quickly turn away from the glass and direct my manufactured expression of confidence at him. “Right. We’ll be in Manhattan for all of next month.”

Melvin snaps his fingers. “Dallas, right?”


“Isn’t Dallas Jack’s New York chef?”

“Oh, yes.”

“But who’s the better chef, him or me?” He’s grinning bigger than before.

I chuckle, welcoming the humor. “Well, you are, of course!”

He laughs. “Now, that’s the spirit.”

Now that the mood is lighter, Melvin waves good-bye. “Tell Jack I’m sorry I missed him.”

“I will,” I say. 

We wave good-bye at each other one last time, and now I’m alone in this oversized room. My husband hasn’t lost his taste for grandeur, no matter how hard I tried to bring out his more modest side. He does have one. But he also has a burning desire to make me happy. In his mind, a big home means he’s a first-class provider. 

A chill runs up my spine. I shudder and rub my bare arms. It’s chilly in here, and the fact that I’m missing Belmont makes me feel how huge and impersonal this space is. I need to call him and see how close he is to home. 

I find the remote on the built-in shelf above the fireplace and lower the shades over the glass windows. I turn off the lights, walk into the foyer, and climb the floating staircase. Belmont has realized that we’re going to have to change the staircase out when Ed gets big enough to crawl and walk. These stairs are a child-emergency situation waiting to happen. 

The smell of Ed’s sweetness caresses my senses as I pass his bedroom. My office is on one side of his room, and Belmont’s is on the other. I never pictured myself as a mother, even after I lost Joella, my first child. But I love being Ed’s mother. I show him pictures from his sister’s very short life every now and then, and every time he sees them, he smiles. Watching him smile and giggle at her wide eyes reminds me of how much I miss my brother Daniel. 

I make it to my office. My cell phone is on the desk. I call Belmont. The line rings once and then drops. I grunt curiously and try again, and again. The same thing happens each time. I wonder where could he be? Maybe he left the office later than he intended. He has gotten stuck in emergency meetings before. He’s also had to travel out of the country at the last minute before. However, he’s always called and informed me of the change of plan. Then there’s the third possibility. 


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