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The Dark Billionaire (Paperback)

The Dark Billionaire (Paperback)

The Blackstone Brothers Saga

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 "As long as I lived, I will never be able to figure out Jasper Blackstone. He is the abyss, the dark sea, and buried in his depths were treasures—wonderful, beautiful treasures."

Indulge in the 'The Dark Billionaire' Trilogy— an intoxicating journey through three novels of suspense, passion, and revelation.

Intrigued, Book One: Dive into a world where an investigative journalist's relentless pursuit of truth in a billionaire's mansion triggers an insatiable desire and exposes dangerous secrets. Can love save the day or will it shatter everything they've come to know?

Desire, Book Two: Continue the thrilling journey as the veil of deception lifts further. New allies, old foes, and shocking betrayals come to light, all while passion between Holly and Jasper reaches a fever pitch. Will their love withstand the test, or will the weight of the secrets pull them under?

Claimed, Book Three: Every secret comes to light in the explosive finale. As the Blackstones' secrets finally unravel, will Holly and Jasper's love survive the ultimate test, or will these dark secrets claim their future?

Experience forbidden passion, treacherous secrets, and love's ultimate trial in the 'The Dark Billionaire' Collection— the perfect set for lovers of suspense-filled, billionaire romance."


The Dark Billionaire Trilogy (Jasper Blackstone)

1 - Intrigued

2 - Desire

3 - Claimed

The Boss Billionaire (Spencer Blackstone)

1 - Tempting

2. Impulse

3. Bliss

4. Exposed (Bonus Book)

The Secret Billionaire (Asher Blackstone)

1. Seduction

2. Embrace

Bryn Blackstone's Story



Intrigued (Book 1)
Chapter One

I turn my searching gaze on the imposing entrance of Blackstone manor, knowing that I'll soon come face-to-face with my old friend feels both thrilling and unnerving. I wonder if she's changed much over the years. There are no recent pictures of her online, not that I've actively searched for them. She hasn't occupied my thoughts in a long time. Occasionally, her older brother Jasper comes to my attention, but everyone knows better than to mess with him. Well, almost everyone—there's a colleague of mine who's obsessed with bringing the Blackstones down. Regardless, I remember Bryn as a stunning beauty back in college, and I doubt that has changed.

"Here goes nothing," I mutter with a sigh. I twist my body and reach into the back seat of my car, quickly grabbing my ankle-length wool coat. The thick, warm coat is like a ninja warrior, expertly battling the cold. My hand then searches beneath the passenger seat to retrieve my purse. "Got it," I whisper triumphantly, though my arm aches from the effort of performing just two actions in such a confined space. My compact car might be fuel-efficient, but it certainly isn't the most comfortable vehicle. 

Suddenly, my heart races as I press my hand against my chest as I lean closer to the car window to get a better look. A man stands on the other side of the glass, and his intense gaze feels like it's piercing right through me. In one moment that feels as if time has slowed, I absorb his features—a masterpiece of gorgeous angles and the most enticing lips I've ever seen. His whole face is just... Wow. It's as if he has the power to hypnotize those gazing upon him with a simple glance, like a medallion swaying back and forth.

Finally, the man takes a step back, and his commanding voice breaks through the momentary trance. "Roll down the window," he orders, motioning for me to comply.

I steady my breaths and press the down button on the armrest.

He folds his arms, exuding an air of authority akin to a highway patrolman handing out a well-deserved speeding ticket. "Who are you, and how did you get through my gate?" he demands.

I slap my hand on my chest lightly, a hint of annoyance in my tone. "I'm Holly Henderson." I expect him to recognize the name as one Bryn mentioned, but his stern expression doesn't falter. "Bryn invited me for the holiday, and..." It finally dawns on me. I'm face to face with one of Bryn's brothers—and I know which one.

The extremely handsome man outside my car door is none other than Jasper Walker Blackstone, the eldest brother and a potential presidential candidate. Holy shit. Is he the reason I'm here? Does Bryn want me to interview her brother? I have a reputation for exposing powerful and shady figures like him. A favorable interview from me could paint him in an immaculate light, which is why I'm hesitant about taking on such a task.

"You're Bryn's friend?" he questions, his tone accusatory.

"Yes," I respond, trying to keep my composure despite the adrenaline coursing through me. "And you're Jasper Blackstone."

His eyes narrow, and I can sense that he's thinking something, but whatever it is, it doesn't seem welcoming. "She didn't inform me that we were having guests this week," he claims icily.

I press my lips together, tempted to comply with that look on his face, and turn my car around and head back home. But instead, I remain silent, curious to see how this encounter will unfold. There's something intriguing about Jasper, something that piques my journalist instincts even as I tread cautiously. But what a prick.

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